We are following every precaution we can to ensure the safety of not only our clients but our team members as well. Because of the size of our exam rooms, we are unable to follow the CDC guidelines of keeping 6 feet apart. So with everyone's best interests at heart, we have decided to remain curbside for the time being.

We understand this can be concerning and stressful for our clients as you have to let your pet come in with us, while you remain in your car. We want you to know that we are practicing the same high-quality care we always have.

So what happens when your pet comes inside with us? Well, we start off like a normal appointment, we get a weight, perform a physical exam, look over the history form, and examine anything that is specifically noted on the form. Then the veterinarian will give you a call. What happens while the vet is on the phone? Well, here are some pictures to show you!

Once you arrive for your appointment, you will stay in your car. Call or text us at (918) 481-1693 to let us know you have arrived. We will let you know when we are ready, and a technician or assistant will meet you in our glass entryway. We will bring your pet into the clinic, and you will return to your car. After the veterinarian has performed their examination, they will call you to go over their findings as well as discuss any diagnostics or treatment options they are recommending. Once approval has been given, we will perform any approved diagnostics and/or treatments. A technician will then contact you to take payment, and go over any discharge information they have, and then will meet you back in the glass entryway to give your pet back and any medications. Before the end of the day, a report card with all exam findings, treatments, and instructions will be sent to your email we have on file.

The following are links to the appointment forms that we require prior to your pet's visit with us. The forms take place of the verbal history the technicians would get while in the room with you.

Appointment Form
Annual Wellness Form
Grooming Form
Boarding Form