We currently offer luxury boarding!

Our Luxury Boarding is now open.  Our Comfort Kennels are 4ft wide by 4ft deep and 4ft tall, and are comfortable enough to fit a large dog (75 pounds), two medium dogs, or even 3 small dogs.  In addition to the Comfort Kennels, we offer two types of Luxury Suites.  The first luxury suites are 5ft wide by 7ft deep, and the OSU/OU luxury suites are 5ft wide by 10ft deep.

Comfort Kennels will be given beds and stainless steel water bowls.  Kennels can be opened in order to connect two kennels together if you want your pets to sleep separately, but allowed to have contact time during the day.

Luxury Suites will be furnished with toddler beds, and elevated feeding bowls, and the OSU/OU suites will also have small toddler couches in them for extra comfort.

Our boarders are let out 4 to 5 times daily with play time dependent upon weather.  The nicer the weather, the longer they get to play!

You can board your pets together or separate.  Pets boarded together in the same kennel or suite will receive a discounted “buddy boarding” price for each pet in addition to the first pet.  The “buddy boarding” pricing is only available to pets within the same family.

Comfort Kennel:  $32/night
Kennel Buddy Boarding:  $16/night

Luxury Suite:  $40/night
Suite Buddy Boarding:  $20/night

OSU/OU Suite:  $50/night
OSU/OU Buddy Boarding:  $25/night